About Syntapse

This website is based on the Drupal platform, served from Docker, securely proxied by Nginx and maintained by Laurence Fass: software engineer, website builder, bold adventurer, and avid crypto-token enthusiast.

Download Laurence Fass' most recent 2019 CV here and please subscribe for further updates using the form at the foot of this page. To discuss any aspect of this CV or discuss your requirements contact laurencefass@syntapse.co.uk or call 07512 738 100.

Syntapse offers

  • Framework agnostic reusable patterns and components from leading open source suppliers.

  • Agile development cycles decrease time from prototype to product delivery.

  • Technical assessment, report writing and rapid prototyping.

If you don't find your required combination of skills and/or services please contact us using the form at the foot of this page, or via directly via email at laurencefass@syntapse.co.uk.

With first class expertise in agile design and development we can help to take your project from ideas to deployment

About this page: technical specification

Delivery: this page is being served from a Drupal 8/Symfony server with a mysql backend delivering content through a dockerised proxy in a containerised Linux environment. It can expose its configuration, content and layout as REST and JSON:API and is JSON:schema  and OpenAPI enabled for connection to any compliant client.

Layout: all pages on this site are designed using a combination of Drupal core and contributed modules to provide reusable components for customisation, variation reuse across pages: bootstrap (theme), paragraphs, webforms, ui_patterns to name a few.... Please contact us for further details on how best to design and develop your specific requirements.

Syntapse Component Engineering

Framework based agile software development

We offer extensive commercial experience in complex full life-cycle agile software engineering, module and feature management, continuous integration and build automation, test driven development, software issue queues, virtual machine management, micro-service design and deployment, pattern based design, programming (dynamic, static, asynchronous, imperative, declarative, functional and reactive), concurrent and asynchronous patterns and programming, databases and cacheing, security: authorisation and authentication, component life-cycles, debugging, error handling and reporting.

Why choose Syntapse?

  • We offer over 2 decades of software development life-cycle experience from waterfall to agile working on diverse systems and applications.
  • We have spent over a decade gaining a deep understanding of web based applications, protocols and technologies.
  • We offer expertise in the core patterns, frameworks and libraries being used to build the modern web.
  • We support the best open source and industry leading solutions available.
  • We minimize technical debt and complexity by adding only the business logic your business needs to established, tested frameworks.
  • We can develop flexible systems to meet and future proof business processes and are not limited to a single platform or language.
  • Library, service and resource discovery is an integral part of our design philosophy to keep things as DRY as possible.

Explore how Syntapse can assist your business and software development. Contact us for further assistance or general enquiries.

We can offer a range of services from half day consultancy, assessment reports, and troubleshooting to long term greenfield project involvement

As your technology partners we are happy to hear from schools and local authorities, communities and charities, engineers and scientists, startups and institutions