CV: introduction

Brief Introduction

Mr. Laurence Fass, full stack Software Engineer

Founder of Syntapse. Software enthusiast, teacher, explorer, mountaineer, scuba diver, wedding singer, and internet autodidact. Syntapse is available for consultation and training, report and assessment writing, and long term creative partnerships.


I am an experienced software engineer with extensive self-taught knowledge of open source full stack web frameworks, W3C standards, virtual IP networking, micro-service API's, development tools, design patterns, infrastructure as code solutions, engineering methodologies and multiple languages: Javascript, Typescript, PHP7, HTML5, CSS3, C++11 and C#6. I have professional experience across the full agile software life cycle from platform configuration, use-case definition and iterative design, to coding, automated development, version control, and issue queue management. I have a 1st class BEng Electronics Engineering degree, C++ and C# experience working in diverse multi-disciplinary engineering teams, and 2 years teaching software at college and university. Since 2007 I have been committed to the discovery, comparison and evaluation of open source software systems and design patterns leading to proficiency in Linux, Docker, Ansible, Jenkins, nginx, Apache, PHP 7+, Javascript, Symfony 4+, Laravel 5+, Drupal 8+, Angular 6+, React, RXJS 5+, node.js, C#, and C++. I can select, procure, create, design, build and deploy software to implement specific business requirements within suitable field-tested frameworks and platforms. I can adapt and extend my existing knowledge to incorporate alternative platforms, languages and workflows if necessary, and I would greatly enjoy teaching and mentoring individuals, groups and teams to adopt open source practices and resources.

Software Engineering

Framework based component engineering

I can design, develop and host software built upon RAD, DRY, SOLID, OOP, AOP, reactive and functional software design principles. I have practical experience of full life-cycle agile engineering, module and feature management, continuous integration and build automation, test driven development, software issue queues, virtual machines, micro-services, design patterns, programming (dynamic, static, asynchronous, imperative, declarative, functional and reactive), concurrent and asynchronous patterns and programming, databases and cacheing, security: authorisation and authentication, component life-cycles, debugging, error handling and reporting. Financial independence has enabled me to (I) compare technologies on their merits free from specific commercial or client agendas, (ii) minimize commitment to learning transient solutions, (iii) minimize project technical debt by evaluating technologies on my own time and risk, (iv) learn development across multiple polyglot open source platforms, (v) learn iteratively and comparatively, (vi) make library, service and resource discovery an integral part of my design philosophy.


Programming and development

26 years multi-lingual programming experience


I can design, build, test and maintain scaleable secure websites, servers, micro-services and applications using reputable open source software platforms, frameworks, package managers, libraries and modules. My development skills include Docker, Ansible, Jenkins, Javascript ES6+ (Angular, Typescript, React, RXJS, Redux, ngRX, ngXS, jQuery, express, node.js,, meteor, D3/C3/NVD3, backbone/marionette, underscore/lo-dash), PHP 7 (Drupal, Symfony, Laravel, Silex) C++ 11 (ATL, STL and Boost libraries), C#6 and .NET, MySQL, HTML5 (including HAML, Twig, Underscore, Handlebars, Jinja2) and CSS3 (including Compass, SASS, LESS, Stylus). I am also slowly introducing Go and Rust to my skills base. I can work with data communication protocols and standards: OpenSSL, SSH, Websockets, NFS, HTTP, HTTP2, AJAX, REST, GraphQL, OpenAPI, JsonAPI, Hydra, RPC, SOAP, and more. I can create and process data in YAML, JSON, XML, HTML, HAML or any arbitrary data format to design, code, and configure automated testing of entire projects (unit, component, module, integration, E2E), analyse resource usage, and manually debug remote source code.

Open source software experience

Joined the programming revolution in 2006

I have spent over a decade fully immersed in open source software development and developer communities. Building on my BEng Electronics Engineering degree and C, C++ and C# based career I am completely self taught in open source software engineering, design patterns and web servers and frameworks using resources freely available on the internet. I have wide general knowledge and experience of systems and software principles and I have focussed on specific technologies mentioned in the introduction which I believe are state of the art. I can host servers and container cloud services on Linux, Windows and Docker in any combination and I am familiar with a wide variety of developer tools, utilities and several popular IDE's including Visual Studio Code. I can provide Linux and container administration as needed during development and I have a detailed practical understanding of automated DevOps and Continuous Integration.


Personal notes

Other interests and vocation besides software engineering


I have enduring interests in cryptography, digital economies, investing, accounting, contract and trust law, self-build property development, and house renovation. For fun I have explored deep Amazon rainforest and scaled very high ice-capped mountains in the Himalayas and Andes mountains, white water rafted in the Himalayas, and got lost in the Andes. I have traveled extensively in India (Kerala to Dharamsala), Nepal, Bolivia, Mexico, Peru, the east coast of Australia, large parts of British Columbia in Canada, all of Sri Lanka, a lot of China (Guangdong to Beijing mainly on buses) and spent 3 months in Hong Kong brushing up my kung fu skills. I have basic and advanced PADI scuba diving qualifications. I can speak reasonable Spanish and a little Mandarin Chinese. I have been teaching myself music and singing since 2007. I spend most of my time with my family and young children. To keep fit I enjoy running (mainly about 10km) and regularly practicing meditation and yoga in my spare time.

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