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Jan 2007
Present date

Independent self funded research and development into open source technologies

Since 2007 I have been reonvating property and researching trends in open source software, contract law, global economics, cryptography and crypto-economies. I have been learning art, philosophy, music theory (and instruments: guitar, bass, piano), and digital music production. Income generated through independent property renovations and investment projects, and also running and managing a part time holistic health business.

Jan 2005
June 2005

East Coast Australia

australian outback
barrier reef

I spent 5 months travelling along the Australian east coast from Byron Bay in New South Wales up to Whitsunday Islands to complete my advanced PADI diving certificate. I visited Woodford Folk Festival where I spent most of my time with a community of Aboriginal Australians where I learned to play didgeridoo and they talked to me extensively about their oppression by white settlers, their customs and their beliefs. 

Mar 2004
May 2004

British Columbia, Canada

3 months exploring the wild nature of Canada and assessing the economy and market of Vancouver as a base for future projects and financial investments. I am a Canadian citizen and I can work freely in Canada without a visa.

british columbia
bc beach
Jan 2004
Mar 2004

Oaxaca, Mexico


Furthering previous studies in Spanish language, observing and understanding the economics, politics, flora, fauna, and indigenous cultures of Southern Mexico.

mexico city
Sep 2003
Nov 2003

Hong Kong intensive kung fu training.

I have practiced Wing Chun for 25 years. In 2003 I accelerated my learning with a 12 week advance course extending my 10 year practice. This was a full time course, and required significant dedication and a high degree of fitness. The trip also allowed me to extend my study of Mandarin Chinese

wing chun

The central idea of Wing Chun is to perform techniques in a relaxed manner. On "softness" in Wing Chun, Grandmaster Yip Man said, "Chi Sao in Wing Chun is to maintain one's flexibility and softness, all the while keeping in the strength to fight back, much like the flexible nature of bamboo."

wan chai hong kong
Jul 2002
Sep 2002

Mountains and jungles of Peru, Bolivia and Chile

In 2002 I visited Peru, Bolivia and the north of Chile. I embarked on a range of activities including high altitude trekking, mountaineering, ice climbing, and Amazon rainforest river explorations in search of giant Amazon river fish and pink river Dolphins. I swam with crocodiles and ate freshly caught pirhana for breakfast which I caught myself with a spear. I used the trip to fully immerse myself in the Spanish language.


I went trekking high in the Andes Mountains reaching a maximum altitude of 4800m before altitude sickness took hold before I had to abandon my attempt to reach the peak of Tocllaraju before descending back to lower ground. I also travelled to the Yungas region, via the most terrifying road in the Americas.

ice climber
Apr 2001
May 2001

6 week self-guided tour of China

guilin china
shaolin forest

6 week tour of China, focusing on a Yangtze river tour through the Three Gorges (San Xia) across the country through a number of provinces from Hong Kong via Guilin and Chongching to the Shaoilin Temple in Zhengzhou. Hunan province. Extensive study of Mandarin Chinese was necessary for this unguided and unassisted visit.

Apr 1999
May 2000

Tour of Northern India and Nepal

I continued my study of yoga, meditation, Indian politics and culture and my trip included a two high altitude treks into the Himalayas (highest at 4200m) and a 4 day camel trek into the Thar desert bordering Pakistan

india cows

Starting my journey in Goa I travelled north by bus and train to Mumbai and then on to Rajastan: Udaipur, Jodhpur onto Jaisalmer where I trekked in the desert on the back of a racing camel. I travelled onto Kathmandu in Nepal where I spent several weeks trekking in the Himalayas before returning to Delhi.

kathmandu temple
Jan 1998
Feb 1998

Tour of Southwest India and Sri Lanka

soutwest india

After a 3 week whistle-stop tour of Sri Lanka complete my level 1 PADI diving course I travelled across South-west India from Thiruvananthapuram in Kerala through Cochin up the west coast to Goa, studying local religions (predominantly Hinduism and Jainism) politics and culture, practicing yoga and meditation to understand what moves and motivates the country. Despite the fact I was very ill several times it was a most rewarding and enlightening experience!

hindu temple

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