Angular is a complete client and server-side Javascript framework to build more interactive web apps with first class developer support.

It is designed for both Web, Desktop and Mobile platforms. While, we create apps using HTML, CSS and Javascript, Angular requires us to know Typescript (a typed superset of Javascript that scales), kind of stricter version of Javascript provided with OOPS features. Although, other alternative could be Dart, typescript is the most widely used language for Angular apps.

The following examples provide a range of Angular 8 and 9 examples demonstration dynamic module loading and Universal SSR.

The tabs below contain live running apps ready for populating with functionality from a mature ecosystem of high quality components, services and directives. All content is secured using TLS/SSL by default. All are configured with live reload to enable hot code changes.

The first app is client side rendered SPA in Angular 8. The second app is rendered on the server with Angular 9 Universal and is SEO ready. The third app is a basic "Heroes" app demonstrated nested routing and animations. The final app demonstrates dynamic modular loading of components in Angular 8+

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