Server Development

Server development

We support a wide range of development options from server room deployments to remote cloud hosting

  • Provision with Docker and machine virtualisation
  • Build with industry standard open source tools and workflows
  • Orchestrate with agentless Ansible playbooks and modules over secure SSH
  • Deploy with docker, nginx, node.js and streamline delivery with cdn and cache management
  • Scale with docker, kubernetes and elastic cloud computing resources
  • Maintain with effective issue queue management and multi-stage automated build processes

Syntapse servers

Managing a server involves a lot of options and tasks. There is no one-size fits all specification and the range of server options is huge and growing all the time. By analysing the requirements of your business we can recommend the best and most cost effective server environment to fit your plans before you invest in infrastructure.

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Service Summary

Server security

Source control

Build management

Cloud hosting

VPS hosting

mailing list and email

virtual hosts

Linux containers

Docker containers

Machine automation

nginx and apache

ansible and jenkins

dbs: redis, mongodb, mysql

PM2 features

Node.js is its own server but managing ports is a pain. Advanced Process Manager takes away the strain and creates a sane environment for running node applications.

pm2 listing

Feature summary

Behavior configuration

Source map support

Container Integration

Watch & Reload

Log management

Monitoring Module

System Max memory reload

Cluster Mode

Hot reload

Development workflow

Startup Scripts

Deployment workflow

PaaS Compatible

Keymetrics monitoring API

NGINX features

NGINX is built to offer low memory usage and high concurrency. Rather than creating new processes for each web request, NGINX uses an asynchronous, event-driven approach where requests are handled in a single thread.

With NGINX, one master process can control multiple worker processes. The master maintains the worker processes, while the workers do the actual processing. Because NGINX is asynchronous, each request can be executed by the worker concurrently without blocking other requests.

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Feature summary

Reverse proxy with caching

Docker aware proxying.

IPv6 addressing

Load balancing server.

FastCGI support with caching

Websocket proxying.

Handling of static and dynamic files

index files and auto-indexing

easy docker deployment


LetsEncrypt integration

nginx Amplify monitoring

traefik features

Traefik is a Docker-aware dynamic reverse proxy that includes it's own monitoring dashboard. Traefik enables a single docker host to serve multiple domains to expose only http (80) and https (443) ports keeping all other ports private and secure on dockers internal networks. By default this makes all of your services as secure as your operating file system.

Image result for crossroads night

Feature Summary

Continuously configuration updates

Multiple load balancing algorithms

Secure microservices

Let's Encrypt HTTPS (with wildcard certificates

Circuit breakers, retry function

High Availability with cluster mode

Clean web UI

Websocket, HTTP/2, GRPC ready

Metrics and access logs(JSON, CLF)

Very fast operation

Exposes a Rest API

Single Go docker container

Explore how Syntapse can assist your business and software development. Contact us for further assistance or general enquiries.

We can offer a range of services from half day consultancy, assessment reports, and troubleshooting to long term greenfield project involvement

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