Syntapse and Next js

Next.js provides easy server side rendering of React Components for high performance apps with integrated SMO and SEO. Next.js delivers easily traceable html and css straight to the browser. 

This example pulls JSON from a Drupal database using the JSONAPI standard. JSONAPI makes communications and data sharing between Drupal and Clients of any type more predictable. Apps can be embedded in other apps and websites and and automatically adjust to the screen display available.


The following content is the output of a server side rendered (SSR) next.js application running in a docker container managed by node.js pm2 application manager.

It renders data from a Drupal database and displays the site page in an iframe. It is optimised for SEO and SMO by default.

Using CORS and x-frame-headers sites and applications can share and pass data using a variety of REST hypermedia protocols for content discovery and navigation. Websites can send parameters to apps using a range of tools from simple REST ?queries to JSONAPI hypermedia navigation.

The layout below contains the exact same application demonstrated above and demonstrates a responsive bootstrap layout to adjust to the available screen space, orientation and dimensions.

Application Components

Entire apps can be treated as components with layouts and forms that write data to the same Drupal database to be consumed by drupal core services such as views, rules etc or any other connecting client. With JSONAPI providing predictable, fast, secure, well-known communications via http2 and SSL you can be sure that your data will not be tied to one system.

Automatically responsive layouts

Apps are responsive and Syntapse can select the right theme from a multitude available to ensure your application or website resizes correctly for the space it has available.


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