React, Vue and Angular all offer first class typescript support.

TypeScript is becoming a critical option for organizations that want to develop large coding projects. The structure of the object-oriented programming language keeps the code clean, scalable, consistent, and simple to debug..

Typescript improves developer experience

  • “Interface oriented development” improves code scalability
  • Typescript is recommended option for growing or mature teams.
  • First class support from Google, Facebook and Microsoft.
  • ES-next compliance to use JS features ahead of full browser support.
  • Types have a proven ability to enhance code quality and comprehension. 
  • Increased agility for code refactoring: catch errors at build time not runtime.
  • Self-documenting code separates contract and implementation.
  • Improved development testing, and controller based APIs.
  • Interfaces and service containers make code more maintainable and predictable. 
  • Improved testing using mock services to replace real ones enables fuller test coverage.
  • Implement SOLID design patterns in Javascript!
  • First class multi-browser and version support built in at compile time.
  • Code completion and Intellisense in most major IDE's detect errors during script creation.
  • Integrates well with functional reactive programming and observables.

The following application is compiled from typescript into javascript to dramatically improve developer experience and increase productivity

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