Vue and Nuxt

Vue and Nuxt JS

Vue JS provides a complete modern Javascript framework with growing community support. Vue enables progressive adoption into existing codebases. It is simpler and cleaner than Angular and removes a lot of pain from selecting the right components from the vast React ecosystem, and as a result it's popularity is growing all the time. Nuxt JS provides a complete server side rendering solution comparable to Universal (angular) and Next.js (react) which both server side renders React applications for fast renders on slower devices and great SEO by default. 

The tabs below contain live running apps ready for populating with functionality from a small but growing eco-system of Vue components and resources. All content is secured using TLS/SSL by default. All are configured with live reload to enable hot code changes.

The first app was created using the Vue CLI. The second is a Nuxt app providing a very comprehensive framework for server side rendering. The third app is a standard vue rendered by Razzle.js using a vue-plugin. Please contact Syntapse to discuss the merits of each approach or for more information.

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